So…how did we get here?  It’s been a long time in the making.  Read along for about 4 minutes and learn the story.

Back in 2000, I was employed at a company called WebXites.  They were a website design firm that specialized in template based websites.  I excelled in developing these templates and was moved from sales to technical support.  It was here where I began my knowledge of HTML and actual website development. Matter of fact, we were using AOL and Yahoo.  Google didn’t exist yet, and Microsoft was using MSN and hadn’t created Bing. Those were the good ole days. WebXites transitioned from templated websites to custom website and internet marketing.  They relocated and changed the company name to Pop Labs. I had a blast here. This was during the “hay day” of search engine optimization. Pay per click ads were a new thing. The SEO Rapper was created during my tenure at Pop Labs.  I was with them for almost 8 years (2000-2007).

While at Pop Labs, I was booked to perform as The SEO Rapper for a company called StomperNet.  They were an Atlanta, GA based company that provided a network of online marketing services and resources.  I killed it at the performance and later had some conversations with the owners. They made me an offer to be a project manager for an upcoming release.  It was double the pay and the chance to work remotely. I took it. The StomperNet gig lasted about 7 months. They sold the company.

I freelanced for a while after that, doing random digital marketing for small businesses as well as composing new SEO Rapper songs.  During this time, I was contacted by a company called eWebStyle. They were a website development company and had created a podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.  On this podcast, they discovered my viral rap, Design Coding. They broke down the entire song and then reached out to me for a feature on the podcast. 

After the feature, we sat and talked.  They were a website development company with a need for a digital marketer, and I was a digital marketer doing freelance work.  In 2008, we made an agreement, and I joined eWeb. I helped to catapult the Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing podcast to become, The Best SEO Podcast.  We were able to help hundreds of small businesses with our marketing work and thousands of people with the podcast. I created a few more SEO Rapper videos while at eWebResults.  After 8 years, things sorta plateaued. At the time, there wasn’t more opportunity for advancement and more pay and we were debating different types of company growth. I left eWebResults and accepted an offer from MARION Marketing.

MARION  was a bit more high end.  They focused on more white collar businesses and companies within the oil and gas industry.  They were in desperate need of a digital marketing specialist. I worked there for 2 years thinking everything was all good.  I was killing it. My clients were getting good results, my workload was being managed and I had great relationships with my coworkers.  One Friday afternoon, I was terminated. No warnings or anything. I was honestly confused and angry, mainly because I had just closed on my home the month prior.  They made some other company acquisitions and my services were no longer needed. 

After that, I decided I have enough experience to manage clients on my own.  I enrolled in college to pursue a degree in Digital Communications. After some prayer and discussions with my people, I chose to create MoSerious Marketing.  A digital marketing firm focused on helping small and medium businesses succeed with online marketing.  

So, that’s it.  That’s how MoSerious Marketing was created and why I’m here.  Hit the contact page if you need help with your website, seo, ppc, email or social media marketing.  Thanks for reading.