When searching Google, Bing or Yahoo, the top 3-4 search results are sponsored ads within Google Ads.  The bottom 3 results are also sponsored ads. Creating campaigns within the search engines is how you place sponsored ads in these sections.  

Search engines allow you to connect a form of payment (credit or debit card), and then choose keywords you are willing to bid on.  When users search for the keywords you are bidding on, and click on the ad you created, the search engine charges the amount of clicks to you every 30 days or at a certain billing threshold (usually $300) for the amount of clicks you’ve generated.

Google Ads

We are Certified Google Partners, meaning we have the experience and knowledge to create and manage campaigns within Google Ads.  

Google Search Network is where most searches occur.  We create ads and drive online traffic to your website.  Google Display Network is where we manage visual and display ads.  The ads are shown on websites that show ads, apps, games and other platforms within Google’s display network.  YouTube ads are also managed within Google Ads. We can create banners and/or videos to use on YouTube to promote your products/services.

Bing Ads

Bing accounts for a small percentage of overall search engine usage.  However, the searches are usually very relevant. The click costs are usually 70-80% lower than Google Ads.  It makes sense to apply an ad budget to Bing. Yahoo search is connected to Bing search allowing us to  manage both ad platforms within on publisher.