MoSerious Marketing is a new digital marketing company based in Missouri City, TX.  Well, its not quite new…let me explain.

So, for almost 20 years, I’ve worked at website development companies, internet marketing agencies, digital marketing firms and more.  It has been a great experience.

Started in Website Sales & Development

It was 2002 and I was 22 years old.  I was looking for a job and I got hired for a sales position at a company called WebXites.  This was template based website design service that was billed monthly.  The program was fairly simple and I mastered it pretty quickly.  They moved me from sales to customer service and technical support to assist paying clients with their websites.  It was in this role I learned about HTML, domains, hosting and things involved with actual website development.  At the time, Google and Bing didn’t exist.  We were using AOL and DSL for internet. MSN and Yahoo were used for searching.  

Shortly after a website was finished, the client would want to be found in search.  I remember using Overture for keyword research. Then along came a company called Google.  They only service they provided was search. We began learning about keywords and the meta data that the search engines would look for on websites.  This would become known as search engine optimization.

Became A Marketing Specialist

WebXites began to focus on helping websites get found in the search engines.  They made some executive changes, moved locations, and changed the company to Pop Labs.  Pop Labs was an internet marketing agency that built custom websites and provided marketing services like search engine optimization, pay per click management, email marketing and more.  I was employed as a Project Coordinator and Marketing Specialist for Pop Labs for about 6 years (2002 – 2008).

In this role, I excelled at search engine optimization and pay per click management. 

 The SEO Rapper Was Created

I created the persona, The SEO Rapper, during the time at Pop Labs. I was able to merge my love for hip hop, with my skillset of internet marketing.  I began composing raps about the different types of internet marketing I was doing.  The SEO Rapper was new and different. 

I went viral, before going viral was a thing.  During a stop in Atlanta, for an event called StomperNet Live, I was given an opportunity. StomperNet was an affiliate marketing company based in Atlanta that helped companies get better websites, marketing and leads.  They grew by affiliate marketing and video marketing. 

They booked The SEO Rapper to perform at StomperNet Live.  After the performance, the executives offered me a position with the company as a project manager for a couple project launches about to happen.  It was a remote position that tripled my salary.  I accepted. I learned about video marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, building list and much more.  Shortly after I was hired, the company leadership changed, key staffing quit, I got fired in 2009.

I freelanced for a while, created some new SEO Rapper songs, and stumbled across a company called eWebStyle.  They were a new internet marketing agency with a service offering similar to Pop Labs, except they were much smaller and less organized.  They loved the SEO Rapper content.  We met, and found a mutual need for each other.  They needed an experienced marketing specialist, and I needed a job.  They hired me.

I worked for eWebStyle for almost 8 years (2009 – 2017).  This was probably the most important years of my career.  It was here I honed in my SEO and PPC management skills.  It was here I improved my ability to design and develop WordPress websites.  My level of customer service and sales improved here.  The ability to present about marketing topics was developed at eWeb also.  I was able to help develop and co-host The Best SEO Podcast on iTunes for years.  The company grew, shifted focus and changed names to eWebResults.  It was truly a blessing, and a learning experience to be apart of their growth.  

We eventually hit a plateau, where growth and staffing was a struggle. Ownership needed to make some tough decisions. The opportunity for advancement and more money wasn’t available, and I didn’t want to do sales.  It was time for a change.

Out of the blue, I was contacted by MARION Integrated Marketing.  They were a much bigger marketing agency, with a different target market.  They provided the same services as the previous agencies (Pop Labs, eWebResults, StomperNet) and were in need of a marketing specialist.  They presented me with an offer that increased my salary by 1/3, and I accepted and worked for MARION for 2 years.

At MARION, I had a bunch of websites that had been designed and built, but not optimized for search engines. They needed some work, and I got busy.  I also became Google certified while at MARION and began managing pay per click accounts.  I was able to produce a few more SEO Rapper songs, do some great digital marketing and fill a marketing void that they were having at the time. 

Things were going well, or at least I thought so.  The clients I was managing were performing well.  I was adding value to the company and we were growing.  In July 2019, they made changes to the company including hiring more people and firing me.

This was a total shock and eye opener.  This was also the best thing that could’ve happened to me.  Since my time at Pop Labs, I’d always dreamed of owning and operating my own marketing company.  I continued to improve my craft and network with other businesses.

MoSerious Marketing was born in July 2019.  I’m using all of the years of experience along with what I’ve seen done right and wrong with marketing agencies to create this digital marketing company.  

I’ve enrolled in school to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Digital Media to add to the almost 20 years of experience I possess.

Thank you for joining me on this journey….

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